End every day in style

End every day in style After a long and busy day, your living room is a stylish oasis of tranquillity and space; an intimate setting for treasured moments with your loved ones. Choose your style and let the enjoyment begin.

Smooth Elegance

Rich, layered and with exciting details: our Smooth Elegance style is all about luxury, comfort and surprising combinations of textures and materials. It is like staying in a luxury hotel suite, every day.

Natural Cottage

Natural Cottage combines rugged materials with natural elements and gives your interior a serene, homey atmosphere: warm, cosy and honest. Think crude wood, pure concrete, thick beams and handcrafted tiling.

Raw Vintage

Industrial materials and robust finishes combine in a stylish symbiosis with timeless design classics. Raw Vintage means contemporary comfort with a deep nod to bygone times.